OYAMBRE SURF is located in one of the best places for surfing on the coast of Spain and in Europe.

From our privileged position, we always look for the best waves depending on the sea conditions, the weather and the level of our students.

We usually surf on the beaches of Oyambre and San Vicente (Merom) but don’t discount surprise trips to other lesser known surf spots.

  • Oyambre Beach: 2.5 km of white sand,
    NE orientation.
    Spots: „Golf“ und „Pajaro Amarillo“...
  • Merón Beach or San Vicente: 3 km of white sand,
    facing NW.
    Spots: „Gerra“, „El Farolillo“…

  • Both beaches are very exposed to waves and have a small difference in orientation that ensure waves all year. If there are no waves here, there won’t be any waves on any beach in northern Spain or Europe.