S.U.P. | Stand Up Paddle

"Walk on water" - experience a unique feeling whilst seeing amazing sights from the water.

S.U.P. is the one of the oldest modes of crossing the sea and has already been used in Polynesia for centuries to move from island to island. Over the years this method has developed to be used for catching waves. Nowadays it has become a popular sport that raises passions and engages all who try it.
The great appeal of S.U.P. is that it is accessible to everyone because it is relatively easy, you learn very quickly and can enjoy it from day one. It is one of the most complete sports as it works the entire body and awakens our senses.

There are 2 basic ways to S.U.P.:

  • Crossing: gently moving across water. Come and try this popular sport in the calm, shallow waters of the Ría de Oyambre and enjoy a beautiful setting surrounded by nature. We also conduct tours of the coast of Oyambre and other wonderful places.
  • Waves: catching waves with our paddleboard. For the more experienced paddler, we will teach you to catch your first wave.

Classes are 2 hours long and consist of a small bit of theory and then practical time in the water accompanied by our instructors who will help you to learn. Our instructors are experienced SUPers, qualified surf and SUP instructors by the Cantabrian Surfing Federation and Spanish, SUP Instructors by I.O.SUP. And lifeguard and 1st Aid graduates.


  • Learn to SUP in an EASY, FAST, FUN AND SAFE way.
  • Understand the sea, marshes and estuaries where we SUP, breaking waves and wave types, types of breakers, how tides, currents and wind affect where you SUP, choosing the best times and place to S.U.P.
  • Learn the rules and history of S.U.P.
  • Learn about all types of equipment, etc.
  • Learn to warm up and stretch and learn specific training techniques for SUP to keep you physically fit and help you improve.
  • Learn enough to be able to SUP on your own safely in the future
  • Encourage love, respect and care for nature.

Courses include:
  • Instructor.
  • Equipment: wetsuit and board.
  • Beach facilities.
  • Insurance R.C. and accidents.
What do I need?
  • Swimsuit or bikini, towel.
  • Basic knowledge of swimming.
  • Opening hours
  • Discounts for groups.
  • classes in multiple languages.
CoursesDaysHours Price
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle flat water1235 €
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle waves1240 €
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle flat water2470 €
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle waves2480 €
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle flat water5 10 140 €
S.U.P. Stand Up Paddle waves 5 10 150 €
All classes include Surfequipment and insurance.

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Cantabria | España

+34 666 495 457
+34 645 829 185
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